Projects and Legends

Reblogging my post from Over The Backyard Fence. How long does it take to crochet an afghan?

Over The Backyard Fence

As this post, my husband and I are on day 56 of our stay-at-home time. We’re still married and are actually getting along pretty well, thank goodness. For me, an interesting happenstance has come out of this time. I’m finishing incomplete projects, like the art project I posted about last month.

And this:

So, there are urban legends and there are family legends. I’m about to tell the tale of one of our family legends. A crocheting one.

When my daughter found out she was pregnant with our first grandchild, I let my joy fill me with enthusiasm. I did what most budding grandparents, at least, grandmothers, do. I decided to make a baby blanket. I don’t quilt, though I admire those that do. I don’t knit. I have, on a rare occasion, crocheted, so that was what I opted for.IMG_1805

I finished the project this week. My grandson, our…

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