Virgin River

Last night, I closed a book I was so into that I read it over the course of about 30 hours. It wasn’t just the book. It was the last unread book in a twenty book series.

Have you read any of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series? Seen the new Netfix series? Because both are soooo worth the time. I love reading romance stories, and small town romances always leave me smiling at the end, so I tend to gravitate toward them.

Over the years, I’ve read several stories from this series, set in a small town in the redwoods of Northern California. I rarely read them in order, not that it mattered. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I made finishing this series one of my goals for our stay-at-home time. (Thank goodness for ebooks!)

And last night, I hugged my kindle after reading the end, sad to think that there were no new books to read in this world. My favorite characters are, of course, the bedrock of the series, Jack and Mel (book 1: Virgin River.)


But I’ve been waiting for Nora’s story ever since she was introduced. Dumped in Virgin River with a baby and toddler by an unscrupulous ex, she had to work hard to survive and I wanted her to get her happy ending. Through Tom’s eyes, we get to see her amazing strength, her learning to trust again, and how much she sticks to her own principles.

I fell in love with Nora, with Tom and his grandmother, with Nora’s kids, with the apple orchard. But more than that, I got one final look at beloved characters and a world I’d been putting my reading glasses on for over the past several years.

I’m sad I’m done, but so happy to have spent the time in Virgin River. In fact, visiting the redwoods is now on my bucket list. This series is a high recommend from me.

And now the search is on to find a new series to read. Any recommendations?

Be safe, stay healthy. Survive! And, when life gets you down, I hope you are able to pick up a book and disappear for a while.

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