Family Memories

When Mom had to move out of her house, we siblings worked hard to make it a positive experience. We also got lucky, and it was. You can read more about it on the other blog I participate in at Over The Backyard Fence.

Over The Backyard Fence

Happy day after Mother’s Day! I hope all the mother’s who read this had a day full of smiles and pampering.

Most of you know that my mother moved in with us in January. It didn’t take long for us to realize it was time for her to not live on her own anymore. So, with her blessing around the first of February, we began sorting through items in her house. We were lucky because our niece wanted to move in, which meant we didn’t have to talk about selling it. Everyone in the family knows how hard that would have been for Mom.

So the process of sorting through and clearing out 40 years of accumulation began. It quickly became a reason to gather. Mom loved being in the center of things as work progressed, loved the camaraderie as we found beloved items from our childhood. This may seem…

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2 thoughts on “Family Memories

  1. Norma S. Humphreys

    I know the feeling! As of the first of June, my mom (of 93), is moving to assisted living near me in Tacoma and not far from her house. She’s leaving almost everything in a 4-bedroom house. I will be left with dispensing with it. It will be tough. A lot of the furniture was my grandmother’s.

    1. It’s not easy, sorting through a lifetime of accumulation and memories. We had to do it in 2 months, but I had siblings who did the bulk of it. And Mom is still sorting through paperwork and pictures here at home at her leisure, trying to organize them.

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