Earth Legacy…

Survival, the flagship story in the Earth Legacy series, is now available at all etailers, as well as in print at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This series, about a young woman’s struggles to save a dying earth from a dark druid, and the protector who tries to keep her safe throughout, is near and dear to my heart.

I grew up on the imaginative stories of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, and so many others. In fact, when the Lord of the Rings movies came out, my brothers and I (adults by this time) took vacation time to see them together. It is a memory I will always treasure.

Earth Legacy is not full of ogres and trolls, but rather one Dark druid who intends to bend Earth’s powers to her will. Only Rianthe Royan, with abilities she has not yet come into, can stand up to Taegar and prevent the annihilation of humankind.

And only Kaiden Darcy can protect her…

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What the stories are about:


Earth is dying. One person can save it. If only she knew how.

Guilt-ridden druid trainee Rianthe Royan is on the run. From a Dark druid, from a betrayal, and mostly, from herself. She is not who they think she is. How can she be? She has no powers.

Earth is dying. Only she can free the magic intended to heal the earth before it’s eternally bound to the darkness. And only one person can protect Rianthe while she seeks her magic. Kaiden Darcy. True-Named protector. Friend. Betrayer.

Together, Rianthe and Kaiden must gather their allies, safeguard a magical talisman, and find Rianthe’s suppressed powers to conquer a powerful evil. If they fail, Earth, and every living creature, will perish…


The past is only forgotten until it invades your present.

For Kaiden Darcy, duty is everything. As True-named protector, he’s tasked with the safety of his home and Rianthe Royan, the prophesied one designated to save Earth from surrendering to the darkness.

Except Rianthe’s powers are stifled by some unknown cause. She needs help, so she follows a cryptic clue seeking insight. As she struggles to master her magic, the brother she raised from a babe disappears.

Kaiden, realizing the urgency of Rianthe’s quest, leaves his own responsibilities behind to go in search of the boy, unaware that search will bring him face to face with bad blood.

Family blood. His blood.