New Romance – Rudy’s Heart

RH Postcard1ReleaseToday is release day for my newest stand-alone romance novel, Rudy’s Heart. This story didn’t come to me like the others, which are generally sparked by something I see or hear. Rudy, the wonderfully intuitive horse in Rudy’s Heart came to me in a dream. I rarely wake up remembering my dreams, and I didn’t remember this one either, except for one thing. A brown and white horse.

I’ve loved horses my entire life, though I’ve never been around them much. As research for Rudy’s Heart, I got to spend some wonderful time with a woman who raises Friesian’s. They are such beautiful, graceful horses! IMG_8198

When I went to write Rudy’s story, I had to surround him with some pretty amazing characters. Enter Beck Hawthorne, an uncle-turned-father who’s drowning in guilt. Aubrey Gannet is mired in a grief she can’t dig out from. And 6-year-old Dani isn’t talking to anyone.

Rudy pulls them all together and is the key to their happiness.

Here’s the particulars about the story, along with links for more information:

What Rudy’s Heart is about:

An uncle-turned-father, terrified he’ll screw up, enlists the help of a burned-out, empathic woman with an oh-so-rightful chip on her shoulder.

Emotionally shattered from her hospice work, Aubrey Gannet journeys to a Montana ranch looking for peace and quiet to rekindle her grieving spirit. But will she be able to forgive the man who deserted his only sister when she needed him the most?

Stuck with an angry horse no one can get near and a child who refuses to speak, loner Beck Hawthorne is desperate to get through to them and hoping Aubrey holds that key. Only together can they break the bonds of sadness and find a brighter future.

Emotional. Sensual. Standalone. A romance novel that includes a wonderfully intuitive horse named Rudy and a six-year-old who will wrap herself around your heart.

Where you can find Rudy’s Heart:



Many thanks to Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs for this amazing cover. And to Libby Doyle of Fairhill publishing for making my shine. And to you readers, who make it all worthwhile!

Laurie Ryan

R&R Addictions and a Free Short Story

I have a couple of R&R addictions. One is romance stories. I love reading them, and I love writing them. The other one is disaster movies. I don’t know why, but I get completely involved in them. Even the campy ones. Some of my favorites are:

  •             Armageddon
  •             The Day After Tomorrow
  •             Deep Impact
  •             Dante’s Peak

And don’t forget the ship disasters, like Poseidon or Titanic. Or the ones that make you go “Really?” like Volcano. In L.A.?

What can I say? They’re fun to watch. Better on film than in real life, right? And that addiction to disasters, coupled with a real-life concern that our planet has some issues, is a huge part of why I wrote the Earth Legacy fantasy series.

All Three Covers

The third and final book in the Earth Legacy installment, Birthright, releases on May 16th. To honor that, and to meld my two addictions, I’ve written a short story that I’m offering for free to any newsletter subscribers.NBcoverC

New Beginnings

Redefining love in a post-apocalyptic world

When the world is dying, your only focus is on survival. The war might be behind them, but the battle continues as Cait and Tom search for a safe place to love each other and raise their twin daughters.

If you’d like to be the first to hear about new stories and get your copy of New Beginnings, sign up here. As well, keep an eye out for forthcoming pre-order links for Birthright!

Enlightenment, Earth Legacy 2

It’s here! The second story in the Earth Legacy series is now widely available in eBook and print formats.


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What the story is about…

The past is only forgotten until it invades your present.

For Kaiden Darcy, duty is everything. As True-named protector, he’s tasked with the safety of his home and Rianthe Royan, the prophesied one designated to save Earth from surrendering to the darkness.

Except Rianthe’s powers are stifled by some unknown cause. She needs help, so she follows a cryptic clue seeking insight. As she struggles to master her magic, the brother she raised from a babe disappears.

Kaiden, realizing the urgency of Rianthe’s quest, leaves his own responsibilities behind to go in search of the boy, unaware that search will bring him face to face with bad blood. Family blood. His blood.

Ryan Earth Legacy

And coming soon…Birthright, the trilogy’s finale.

For Fantasy Fans…

ryan-survival_post 1

On February 15, 2019, the first story in a dystopian fantasy series will be released, and it’s available for pre-order now!

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What it’s about…

Earth is dying. One person can save it. If only she knew how.

Guilt-ridden druid trainee Rianth Royan is on the run. From a Dark druid, from a betrayal, and mostly, from herself. She is not who they think she is. How can she be? She has no powers.

Earth is dying. Only she can free the magic intended to heal the earth before it’s eternally bound to the darkness. And only one person can protect Rianth while she seeks her magic. Kaiden Darcy, True-Named protector. Friend. Betrayer.

Together, Rianth and Kaiden must gather their allies, safeguard a magical talisman, and find Rianth’s suppressed powers to conquer a powerful evil. If they fail, Earth and every living creature will perish…




New Romance Release…

Lost and Found, a reunion romance novella, now available.

I loved writing this story. Several years ago, an attic scene came to me. I didn’t know the story around that scene and had other projects going at the time. So I filed it away. In 2018, I dug it out and wrote the story around that scene. Finally. It makes my smile wide to give Sarah and Rick their chance.


This time, he’ll risk everything to convince her to give them a chance.

What the story’s about…

Sarah Bannon has had it with city life.

Ready to kick start her new business and her life, she returns to the small town she’d left eleven years ago. Her first client turns out to be the boy next door, the one who completely ignored her in high school, crushing her teenage heart. Except he wasn’t a boy any longer.

Silence didn’t help Rick Larson back then. Now that fate had brought her back into his life,  he didn’t intend to squander this second chance. He’d waited too long for this moment, so this time, he had a plan.

Will their small town roots give them a chance for a fresh start?

Where you can find it…

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I hope, if you get a chance to read this story, that you enjoy it. Please consider leaving an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you prefer is always appreciated.


Laurie Ryan