Summer’s Heat and a New Series

Today, here in the Pacific Northwest, we are having unprecedented weather. I’ve always felt compassion for those who live in areas who get 100+ temps, but now, being in the midst of that kind of rare temperature (for us), I honestly don’t know how people in Phoenix or other places survive the summers. I don’t do well in heat, so I’m grateful we have air conditioning. A lot of folks around here don’t because it’s not been that necessary until lately. So we keep track of each other, check in on neighbors, and try to stay cool.

For me, that means wishing I were at my happy place, the ocean, and in order to be there when I can’t actually BE there, I wrote, and just kicked off, a new small-town series set along the Washington coast. I’m thrilled to share Last Resort, the first story in this series with you.

Welcome to Willow Bay, the perfect place to stick a chair in the sand, your toes in the water, and get lost in the ebb and flow of life and love.

Will a massive beach resort destroy their small town ambiance?

Smitten with feisty gift-shop owner Dana Ricci from the moment she arrived in town, reserved Mayor Josh Morgan is torn between love and obligation. The all-inclusive hotel is ready to break ground and is marketing the increased tourists dollars to the shop owners. Money that Dana, buried in debt, direly needs. But Josh is convinced it will destroy their small town life.

This sensual, small town romance is the first in the Willow Bay series, which can be read in any order. Grab your copy now and get to know the down-home folks who live and work here.

And, hot off the presses, here’s the cover for book 2 – Finding Home, releasing August 12th and now available for ebook pre-order. (Print coming soon.)

What it’s about:

When unwished-for love lands on your doorstep, do you embrace it or bolt?

Taking in a runaway teen, Bernie Pedersen, who was a runaway herself, goes toe-to-toe with the handsome social worker looking for the girl. Bernie will do anything to protect the child the way her sixteen-year-old self could have used.

Suffering burnout as his search for an endangered teen brings him to a small coastal town, Paul Gibson becomes embroiled in the lives of two people. One, a neatnik teenager whose home life wasn’t what he’d been told. And another, a feisty, redheaded pizza joint owner who makes him believe he could have a future in this town.

He’s legally bound to return the girl to her home, but when he learns things are not what they seem, Paul works with Bernie to do whatever it takes to keep the girl safe. Even if it means losing his job.

If you love summer, embrace it. If you don’t so much, survive it. Either way, finding ways to beat the heat is important. Have a wonderful summer!

Laurie Ryan

2 thoughts on “Summer’s Heat and a New Series

  1. Hope things have cooled down for you. Love that you have a happy place to write. Good luck with the new series. Have already downloaded and looking forward to reading Last Resort and the rest of the series. 🙂

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