It Takes a Village…

“Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” — David Ogden Stiers

I rarely make political statements and this isn’t really one, either. Rather, it’s a call for remembering what’s important.

Over the last few years, something that two different people said stuck with me. One was my mother, the other a complete stranger.

When my mother was about 90 years old, a relative about to undergo sex reassignment surgery reached out to her to let her know. Her answer went something like this:

I don’t understand all of this, but you are family and I love you no matter what.

She knew what was important. Family. Love.

The other comment that has stuck with me happened in a car dealership waiting room in early May. We’ve all waited for those oil changes, right? Well, I was sitting there working on my computer and a couple ladies were talking. Both masked, as I was. But they had very diverse opinions about the coronavirus. The opinion that stuck with me was this:

I don’t believe Covid-19 is any big deal. However, I am part of a community and I protect my community. So I wear a mask and I got vaccinated.

What was most important to her was community.

And both of these profound statements have stuck with me. Family, love, community. That’s what’s important. Life isn’t all black and white. It’s gray. And purple, and pink, and blue, and green. There are a plethora of shades to humanity and the world and I, for one, think we should embrace them rather than persecute or scoff.

Thank you for listening. I have wanted to say this for a while, but it’s hard to feel comfortable offering an opinion these days. I’m grateful for each and every one of you, and I appreciate you.

Laurie Ryan

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