Christmas in Cambria by Linda Seed

Well, 2020 is winding down, thank goodness. I hope everyone has peace and good health visiting them this holiday season. Our Christmas will be quiet, but it will happen. My heart and prayers go out to all those suffering, either health-wise, financially, or from isolation.

This month completes a reading challenge I have found immensely enjoyable. It took me out of my usual genres and opened my eyes to the wide world of fiction. And non-fiction, which I don’t normally read. I am grateful to Betty Callahan of Round Table Readers for posting the challenge.

My final story is one of my favorite types of books. A Christmas romance. (Happy sighs.)

What It’s About:

She’s struggling to rebuild her life. He’s desperately searching for connection–he just doesn’t know it yet …

Delilah Ballard’s husband left her and their two kids for another woman. Now, in the wake of her messy divorce, Delilah needs a change of scenery for her kids’ first Christmas without their father. She’s looking for a getaway–not another romantic entanglement that’s sure to add another layer of chaos to a life already swimming in it. 

When a Big Sur hiking excursion goes bad, putting Delilah’s son in peril, seasoned outdoorsman Quinn Monroe shows up just in time to bring the boy to safety. The problem is, Quinn is dangerously sexy, and Delilah’s not sure she has what it takes to ignore his attentions–even though everything about him spells trouble. 

My Thoughts:

When I pick up a Christmas romance, I’m looking for diversion, feel-goods, a strong sense of season, and just enough tension to keep things interesting. This story had all that. There were really no surprises, except one idea from the hero late in the story, but this story stands on its own without diverting from holiday tropes. I enjoyed it a lot. Loved the hero, the heroine was struggling but finding her own strength to dig out. All in all, a great holiday read.  

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