i’ll be your blue sky

Life has been pretty crazy lately. Between the holidays and other issues, it’s been difficult to find the motivation to write. So I’ve been taking some time off just to read and re-energize. Someone posted a reading challenge on Facebook, and for the life of me, I can’t remember who, but I’m grateful to them because I feel stuck in a rut. Here’s the  challenge:IMG_1143

I’ve decided to take this challenge, and for my January “color” book, I read:

2020.01.ill be your blue sky

This story took a little getting used to, with third and first person. But I loved the two stories, Edith’s and Clare’s. And the way it all came together. I found it emotional and engaging. When Clare ends a relationship on the day of her wedding, her pain is real. Her metamorphosis moves along well, and the secondary characters made me smile. Well, most of them. After all, every story has to have an antagonist, right? Overall, a recommend from me.

One story down. Eleven to go…

I hope winter is playing nice with all of you! We’re rainy and gray in the Pacific Northwest. That bodes well for spring flowers. 🙂

Laurie Ryan

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