New Romance – Rudy’s Heart

RH Postcard1ReleaseToday is release day for my newest stand-alone romance novel, Rudy’s Heart. This story didn’t come to me like the others, which are generally sparked by something I see or hear. Rudy, the wonderfully intuitive horse in Rudy’s Heart came to me in a dream. I rarely wake up remembering my dreams, and I didn’t remember this one either, except for one thing. A brown and white horse.

I’ve loved horses my entire life, though I’ve never been around them much. As research for Rudy’s Heart, I got to spend some wonderful time with a woman who raises Friesian’s. They are such beautiful, graceful horses! IMG_8198

When I went to write Rudy’s story, I had to surround him with some pretty amazing characters. Enter Beck Hawthorne, an uncle-turned-father who’s drowning in guilt. Aubrey Gannet is mired in a grief she can’t dig out from. And 6-year-old Dani isn’t talking to anyone.

Rudy pulls them all together and is the key to their happiness.

Here’s the particulars about the story, along with links for more information:

What Rudy’s Heart is about:

An uncle-turned-father, terrified he’ll screw up, enlists the help of a burned-out, empathic woman with an oh-so-rightful chip on her shoulder.

Emotionally shattered from her hospice work, Aubrey Gannet journeys to a Montana ranch looking for peace and quiet to rekindle her grieving spirit. But will she be able to forgive the man who deserted his only sister when she needed him the most?

Stuck with an angry horse no one can get near and a child who refuses to speak, loner Beck Hawthorne is desperate to get through to them and hoping Aubrey holds that key. Only together can they break the bonds of sadness and find a brighter future.

Emotional. Sensual. Standalone. A romance novel that includes a wonderfully intuitive horse named Rudy and a six-year-old who will wrap herself around your heart.

Where you can find Rudy’s Heart:



Many thanks to Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs for this amazing cover. And to Libby Doyle of Fairhill publishing for making my shine. And to you readers, who make it all worthwhile!

Laurie Ryan

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