Earth Legacy conclusion now available…

It’s here! I’m thrilled to announce that the conclusion of the Earth Legacy series is now widely available.  And, to celebrate, the first TWO books in the series are on sale for $2.99 through Monday! Coaster2

This fantasy series with a YA flavor has been a long time coming. Growing up, I immersed myself in the tales of Tolkien, McCaffrey, Brooks, and so many more fantasy authors. My brothers and I read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series many times each. We even took time off work to see the movies together when they came out.

This is not a story of goblins and orcs. Instead, there is a dedicated village, led by the burdened druid Bhren, who are the last vestige of strength against a dark Druid bent on subverting Earth’s magic. These are stories of angst and of growth, of betrayals and loyalties, and of hope for a better future.

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Guilt-ridden druid trainee Rianth Royan is on the run. From a Dark druid, from a betrayal, and mostly, from herself. She is not who they think she is. How can she be? She has no powers.

Earth is dying. Only she can free the magic intended to heal the earth before it’s eternally bound to the darkness. And only one person can protect Rianth while she seeks her magic. Kaiden Darcy, True-Named protector. Friend. Betrayer.

Together, Rianth and Kaiden must gather their allies, safeguard a magical talisman, and find Rianth’s suppressed powers to conquer a powerful evil. If they fail, Earth and every living creature will perish…


For Kaiden Darcy, duty is everything. As True-named protector, he’s tasked with the safety of his home and Rianthe Royan, the prophesied one designated to save Earth from surrendering to the darkness.

Except Rianthe’s powers are stifled by some unknown cause. She needs help, so she follows a cryptic clue seeking insight. As she struggles to master her magic, the brother she raised from a babe disappears.

Kaiden, realizing the urgency of Rianthe’s quest, leaves his own responsibilities behind to go in search of the boy, unaware that search will bring him face to face with bad blood. Family blood. His blood.


Rianthe Royan tried hard to deny her destiny, even running from it until it returned to haunt her. Now, she is left with no choice. She must accept who she is or Earth will perish and humanity founder.

In the final throes of survival and under threat of extinction if she fails to bring back the light, Rianthe must give everything she has, everything she is, to ensure the survival of those she loves. She must battle the Dark druid bent on binding Earth’s magic to her will and destroying everything in her path.

Together with her ally and protector, Kaiden Darcy, and the few left in their home village, Rianthe will take on their fiercest enemy yet.

Humanity believes Rianthe is their salvation. Now all she needs to do is believe in herself.

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2 thoughts on “Earth Legacy conclusion now available…


    Hey, Laurie! This is Norma Humphreys. I hope you remember me from Round Table Book Club! I have been following your blogs and am thrilled to see you are still writing and publishing! So, I have a question to ask you. Would you be willing, and available, to come to Round Table Book Club in June? We would love to have you come and promote your latest series! I look forward to your reply! Norma

    1. Norma,
      Hi! It’s good to hear from you and thank you for being excited about the new series. Sure. I’d love to come in June. I’ll email you at this email.

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