New Release – Northern Lights

The story inspired by a bucket list item of mine (seeing the Aurora Borealis) has arrived!


What it’s about:

When New York corporate man Renzo Gallini shows up with papers saying he owns the waystation Jess Jenkins lives and breathes for, she laughs in his face. But things get tense when he’s got the paperwork to prove it…and her father, who apparently signed their home away, is nowhere to be found.

Jess has lived her entire life at Last Chance Camp, a man’s world where femininity is relegated to wisps of time behind her closed apartment doors. Yet she’s proud of what they’ve built here. Last Chance is all she needs to be happy and no amber-eyed city-boy will convince her otherwise.

Renzo Gallini left New York on his mother’s foolish errand, to ferret out what changes would be needed to turn an Alaskan truck stop into a vacation destination. He finds little of merit in the wide spot in the road until the small community, led by a fiercely loyal tomboy, show him there’s more to Alaska than just ruts in the road. That survival depends not just on good planning, but on each other. And love can be found in places where you least expect it.

Where it’s at:

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Coming soon to iBooks and GooglePlay

A sample:

Ren sipped coffee from the restaurant’s porch and watched the tourist group outside dwindle until only Jesse was left. She pulled her hair free of its band and gazed skyward. Then, to his surprise, she began to twirl in slow circles, her body swaying in time to a music he could not hear, her arms outstretched to the meandering ribbons in the sky. Her dark hair, unbound now that her day was done, swirled about her in soft waves.

Ren froze, caught in the hypnotic display of her almost spiritual union with the sky around her. She moved with a fluid grace Ren found more profound and sensual than anything he’d ever experienced. He swore he could feel the thrum of the spirits flowing through his own veins as a web of peace settled around his beating heart.

As he watched, Jess’s soft sounds of delight were joined by another quieter, more elusive sound, almost like a hushed whistle. He smiled, betting that Jess would say the spirits approved.
He waited and watched as Jess danced in their midst until the last light faded from the night sky. He watched until she wandered beyond his sight. Even then, he stood, his coffee forgotten. He felt…bereft with her disappearance. He wanted to call her back.

Somehow, Ren knew that, with tonight’s events, his life had been forever changed. And right now, at this moment, he didn’t mind one bit.

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