Cover Reveal – Northern Lights by Laurie Ryan

With only about two weeks to release, I wanted to share the cover and blurb for my newest story, Northern Lights with you. This story holds a special place in my heart, since it’s wrapped around my opportunity to check off a bucket list item: seeing the Aurora Borealis. That night, or early morning, since it was 1a.m., was AWESOME. Threads of color moving across the sky, yet not moving. In fact, if you’ve had a chance to see the Northern Lights, I’d love to hear your stories.

The Cover:

What it’s all about:

When New York corporate man Renzo Gallini shows up with papers saying he owns the waystation Jess Jenkins lives and breathes for, she laughs in his face. But things get tense when he’s got the paperwork to prove it…and her father, who apparently signed their home away, is nowhere to be found.

Jess has lived her entire life at Last Chance Camp, a man’s world where femininity is relegated to wisps of time behind her closed apartment doors. Yet she’s proud of what they’ve built here. Last Chance is all she needs to be happy and no amber-eyed city-boy will convince her otherwise.

Renzo Gallini left New York on his mother’s foolish errand, to ferret out what changes would be needed to turn an Alaskan truck stop into a vacation destination. He finds little of merit in the wide spot in the road until the small community, led by a fiercely loyal tomboy, show him there’s more to Alaska than just ruts in the road. That survival depends not just on good planning, but on each other. And love can be found in places where you least expect it.

Expected Release Date:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Northern Lights by Laurie Ryan

  1. jeff7salter

    Great cover, Laurie.
    The northern lights was something I thought I’d see while I was stationed inside the Arctic Circle, at Thule AB, in N.W. Greenland for nearly a year.
    Much to my disappointment, we could never see them. It wasn’t until I heard a briefing from a meteorologist — stationed there — that I learned we were TOO FAR NORTH.
    Those lights are a reflection of part of the polar region up to the atmosphere and sort of a “bounce” back to earth. [At least, that’s what I recall.]
    And we were in the area where the reflection originated, rather than in any region where it could be seen after ‘bouncing’ off the atmosphere.

    1. Seriously? Too far north? Man, that bites, Jeff. However, how cool is it that you got to spend some time in Greenland. Okay, maybe it was TOO cool, as in cold? I spent a couple hours in Qaqortaq (southern tip of Greenland) as part of a cruise, but barely got to see the glaciers.

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