Bahama Christmas

Need a heart and cold-weather warming quick read? Check out this story by Lavada Dee!

After being pretty quiet on the news front, Bahama Christmas is giving me something to blog about. Jillian Chantal is featuring Bahama Christmas over on her blog today. It’s an interview and I love Jillian’s questions. They make me want to pull out my luggage and book a cruise.   So for a bit of cruise ambiance pop over it’s at

And, Bahama Christmas is also featured on Snowglobes Festive & Fun mini contest. This contest runs from today through Nov. 26th. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with the Title and Name of the author of the cover your voting for and your email address. Snowglobe is at wishing you all luck.

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7 thoughts on “Bahama Christmas

      1. My one and only visit to that area was in a 5 (?) night cruise I took in late 1998. Each port of call was way too short. Wanted to spend longer. Departed from New Orleans. No longer remember the cities we stopped after the first call at St. Petersburg (?) FL.

    1. Amen, Jeff. We just got out of a cold snap. Replaced it with rain. But we’re just gray here. I can’t believe the snow others are getting. Still, a little warmth and sunshine would be nice about now…

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