Favorite Books Feel More Like Old Friends

I was cleaning out an old desk today, preparing to give the desk away and put a nice cushy reading chair and ottoman in its place. When I opened one drawer though, all work ceased as I pulled out beloved copies of my favorite books. Most of them were Kathleen Woodiwiss stories, but there were a few others, too. I wanted to curl up in the new chair (that hasn’t yet arrived) and open one of them now. Alas, the chair won’t be here for four weeks yet.

However, it got me thinking. These are old, beat up copies of my favs. I have nice, shiny new ones in my collection, but I still pull these out when I want to re-read the story. I’m not sure why, and Ashes in the Wind, in particular, is pretty beat up. But they are still my go-to copies.

Do you have dog-eared copies of favorites books you like to read? I’d love to hear what your favorite stories are. The two pictured above have the 1st and 2nd spot on my fav list. What story’s at the top of your list?

I can hardly wait to get my new chair. I plan to get back to some dedicated reading time and I already know what story I’ll be settling in to read first. After all, I named my daughter Alaina after the heroine in Ashes in the Wind. 🙂

Happy reading, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Books Feel More Like Old Friends

  1. I have many books which are dear to me, but (sadly) a lot of them are from a time when paper was cheap and bindings were crappy. Most have aged poorly and to even open them now risks snapping the bindings.
    Alas, another problem I have with many of my older paperbacks is the small print.
    So if I get a yin ( ? yen ? ) for an old favorite, I’m more likely to look for an edition that isn’t musty and frail, but DOES have larger print!

  2. Hi, Jeff! I know what you mean about bindings breaking. Maybe that’s why I don’t like to open my “collector” copies? And the font size is another reason I do a lot of reading on my eReader. I can adjust the font to what works best for me.

  3. I don’t keep books that I’ve read anymore. In attempt to downsize and remove clutter I only keep a stack of TBR. And, it’s a considerable stack that just keeps growing. So much for downsizing. But I have been know to repurchase favorites.

  4. I know what you mean about decluttering. I had to take a hatchet to my TBR pile to pare it down. It’s easier to look at a list on an eReader than a huge pile of books. Sigh. Still, there are favorites I just can’t get rid of.

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