The Feel-Good of Christmas and Some Stories to Keep the Feeling Going

Christmas. I love the feel of it. The decorations, the time spent with family and friends. The ambiance of the season brings a peace and contentment that I try to carry with me beyond the season.

One of my favorite things to do is watching Hallmark holiday movies. There’s nothing better than a feel-good movie to relax with after a day of working or shopping or both. I also enjoy reading and thought I’d take a moment to showcase stories written by my RWA chaptermates about or around the holidays. I’m lucky to be part of an amazing, supportive group of women who write stories I’ve enjoyed reading very much.

Silver Bella by Lucy Monroe (due out December 4th)

Cover model for Lexi Creations, Bella Jackson may look steamy on the cat walk, but under the covers, she’s a total novice. What she needs is someone who can make her feel the way she looks, especially after the tell-all her smarmy ex sold to the tabloids. When sexy Texas oilman Jake Barton starts attending her trunk shows, she reacts like a cat in heat and that has never happened before. Hence the very disgruntled ex. Jake wants Bella and he means to have her, but once he realizes it’s more than a roll in the hay he’s craving, can he convince her to take a chance on Texas…and him?

The Treasure by Theresa Scott

Celebrate the magic of birth… and the joy of Christmas….”The Treasure”: Washington Territory, 1825 An Indian couple longing for a baby receives the greatest gift of all.

Gentle Fawn longs to give her husband a baby, but when yet another child is stillborn, she begs the Great Spirit to give the love in her husband’s heart to a woman who can give him many sons.

Grieving along with his wife, Hawk Catcher overhears Gentle Fawn’s desperate plea and vows to ease the pain in his beloved’s heart.

Through the magic of the season, their prayers are answered by two bumbling trappers… and a goat.

A Divorce For Christmas by Lavada Dee

All Lori Harper can think of is having a baby. But it isn’t proving to be easy so she has ramped up her efforts. With How-To-Books in hand she has become a woman with a mission. With ‘things’ down to the clinical, Brad is feeling anything but amorous. In fact he has had enough of the command performances.

Unable to live this way any longer Brad asks for a divorce. Lori is so caught up in her body and getting pregnant that she is blindsided. To make matters worse things come to a head right after a very unsatisfactory frustrating act that Brad has barely been able to complete.

Lori is at first in denial but when Brad rents an apartment she asks for time. Christmas in less than a month away and their families are intertwined to an extent that it will affect everyone’s holiday. Besides she is still convinced Brad will change his mind.

A Cascade Christmas, with a story by Debby Lee

Head to the majestic Northwest where logging history comes to life in four Christmas romances. Insecurity brings a logger and a young woman together, but will a “perfect” sister tear them apart? Will the dangers of the woods derail a young couple’s hopes and their chance at love? Amid town gossip, can a work-focused sawmiller win the heart of a prim-and-proper heiress? Will second thoughts have a sentimental girl and a hardhearted carpenter losing love? Find the answers in this heartwarming holiday collection.

The Winds of Glenhoolie by Gail Harkins

The past versus the future. Professor and sometimes journalist Claire Agnew expects that debate in towns where wind farms come to call. On a winter assignment in Scotland, however, the contrast becomes starkly real. Standing on the battlements of the ancient Castle Glenhoolie, at the end of a fjord that has seen Viking raids and English garrisons, her commitment to progress is shaken as she imagines the historic landscape lined with the wind turbines she usually finds so sleek and sexy. Turbines aren’t the only attraction of Castle Glenhoolie and the neighboring village, however. Broad-shouldered, long-legged Alec Kincaid is equally intriguing as he shares his local knowledge and insights into local wind farm politics. To Alec, Claire is refreshingly open, delighted in the village of Dunlorrie and the ancient buildings he disdains… until he realizes why she is asking so many questions. Feeling betrayed, he examines his feelings and his knowledge of Claire against his personal history. She, in turn, must come to grips with the demands the past make upon the present, as she considers the future of Castle Glenhoolie and her own future amidst The Winds of Glenhoolie.

Love At First Snow by Jami Davenport

Christmas is a time for family–if you have a family.

Four years ago on Christmas Eve, NHL hockey player Blake Daniels lost his entire family in a float plane crash. Every Christmas Eve he mourns his losses by returning to the family vacation home in Friday Harbor, Washington, his family’s destination that fateful night. Only this year he’s also mourning the loss of his hockey career and wondering what’s left to live for. When he finds a kitten starving and half frozen in a foot of snow, he rushes the tiny thing to the local animal hospital.

Still reeling from the unexpected loss of her father on Christmas Eve two years ago, Dr. Sarah Whitney opens the door to her clinic and finds a rough and tough professional athlete holding a minuscule kitten in his big hands. Only a miracle can save the frozen creature and only a miracle can heal the devastating losses suffered by both Sarah and Blake.

But Christmas is the time for healing and miracles if you only believe and give love a chance.

Home For Christmas by Kate Davies

She left everything familiar behind—but love found her anyway.

A story from The Perfect Gift.

Sophia is determined to spend Christmas on her own terms this year. Her daughter will be spending the holidays with her boyfriend’s family, and Sophia has no intention of staying home alone with her memories.

She knows Ethan would be more than happy to keep her company. But he’s her business partner—and her late husband’s best friend. It’s past time to stop leaning on him and learn to stand on her own two feet. A cruise to the Caribbean might be just the ticket to discovering who she is now, and what she really wants.

Ethan is stunned to discover that Sophia has decided to go on a cruise for Christmas—alone. He’d thought something more was finally developing between the two of them. If she’s ready to move on after the loss of her husband, he’ll be damned if he lets her move on without him!

On the spur of the moment, Ethan books a stateroom, determined to prove to Sophia that what they have goes far beyond friendship. The romantic atmosphere of the cruise sparks a passion the two had only dreamed of before—but can their fledgling relationship survive beyond the vacation of a lifetime?

And, for fun, here’s a brand new New Year’s Eve story:

Happy New year’s, Eve! by Allie K. Adams

Whoever said girls never make the first move…
Eve Stanton channels the undisputed sexiest woman ever to catch the eye of her gorgeous neighbor, Clay NewMiller. Dressing as Marilyn Monroe for a New Year’s costume party, Eve is ready to take on anyone, even the biggest player of them all–the boy next door, dressed as a delectable Joe DiMaggio.

…has obviously never met Eve.
Clay is absolutely captivated by the platinum blonde before him. Not knowing what else to do, he uses every line he has, and fails miserably. It’s going to take more than a player like Joe DiMaggio to win over someone like Marilyn Monroe. Will they find their happily ever after this time? Or will Eve and Clay, much like Joe and Marilyn, go down in heartbreaking flames?

Happy Reading, everyone! And happy SEASON!

8 thoughts on “The Feel-Good of Christmas and Some Stories to Keep the Feeling Going

  1. Laurie, thank you for the great slate of holiday reads. Some I’ve read and some I can see I need to still get. And, like you I’m watching the Hallmark Christmas stories, some for the second, third and — times.

    And, thank you for including A Divorce For Christmas. It’s a short story and one I enjoyed writing. Especially since the holidays were starting as I put the finishing touches on it.

    Wishing you and your readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. sweetinspirationals

    I really enjoyed The Treasure by Theresa Scott, but I see some more on this list that look like great reads. I didn’t see Christmas Magic on the list, but I’m longing to read it. Thanks Laurie for posting info on A Cascades Christmas.

    1. I’ve been talking about Holiday Magic so much lately, I thought I’d make this blog about everyone else’s stories instead of my own. You’re right about these stories being great reads.

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